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Each year, the LALSS solicits nominations from the student body for awards that recognize students, staff, and faculty for their excellence. The Awards Committee adjudicates the awards, and they are presented at the end of the academic year.

LALSS Awards

2022 Awards Recipients

The 2022 awards were presented at the premiere of the Law Revue theatrical production on April 14, 2022.

Open award category winners are voted on by all LASL students, and a winner is voted by each class year in the cohort-specific categories.

Open Award Categories
Professor of the Year

This award recognizes one full-time faculty member who exemplifies excellence in teaching, advising, and providing guidance to students, while contributing to an enthusiastic and supportive environment at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law.

2022 Recipient - Professor Katie Hammond
Runner up - Professor Hilary Evans Cameron
Staff Member of the Year

This award recognizes a staff member at Lincoln Alexander School of Law who was exemplary in their everyday service, or went out of their way to help students find solutions.

2022 Recipient - Margaret Seko
Runner up - Donovan Roche

Student Organization of the Year Award

This award recognizes the Student Organization that has gone above and beyond to further their mandate while offering the student body meaningful ways to engage with them. 

2022 Recipient - Danny's Legacy Initiative
Runner Up - Criminal Law Students' Society

Cohort-Specific Award Categories
Contract Faculty of the Year

This award recognizes one contract faculty instructor from each cohort who demonstrates excellence in teaching and contributions to the Lincoln Alexander School of Law.

2022 1L Recipient - Simon Wallace
2022 2L Recipient - Kendrick Lo

Community Award

This award recognizes a student in each cohort who exemplified positive commitments to strengthen the LASL community and further strengthen bonds between all students. Students are recognized for: mentoring and guiding fellow students; fostering a sense of community and collaboration at LASL: demonstrating the importance of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; embracing the core values and the pillars of Lincoln Alexander Law School; and demonstrating a strong sense of presence on campus or online.

2022 1L Recipient - James Noronha
2022 2L Recipient - Kian Rastegar
Involvement and Engagement Award

This award is for a student in each cohort that has been highly engaged in extracurricular activities within and/or beyond LASL. Their involvement in their extracurricular activity has created a lasting impact within their community. This award is given to recognize this individual's efforts and initiative in going above and beyond with their time and contributions outside the classroom.

2022 1L Recipient - Lia Douglas
2022 2L Recipient - Katrina Grogan-Kalnuk


Valued Contributor Award

This award is for a student in each cohort who made particularly insightful, intellectual, or otherwise positive contributions in class discussions. Much of our learning in law school comes from the people around us, and we want to recognize those who helped make the learning at LASL unique by sharing their perspectives and experiences.

2022 1L Recipient - Kanwar Brar
2022 2L Recipient - Oksana Romanov

2021 Awards Recipients

The 2021 awards were presented at the premiere of the Law Revue theatrical production on April 3, 2021. Read more
Professor of the Year

Professor Angela Lee

Practitioner of the Year

Shawn Richard (Group 1)

Ian Speers & Laleh Hedayati (Group 2)

Jeff Carolin (Group 3)

Staff Member of the Year

Leanne Shafir

Student Organization of the Year

Womxn's Legal Education Association

Most helpful in the group chat

Marc Finkelstein (Group 1)

Alex Raszewska (Group 2)

Kian Rastegar (Group 3)

Most likely to be camera on

Oksana Romanov & Lexie Cooper (Group 1)

Samir Silvestri & Julia Bayne (Group 2)

Louisa Bianchin & Duncan Cameron (Group 3)

Most supportive peer

Karlena Koot (Group 1)

Katrina Grogan-Kalnuk (Group 2)

Harman Bath (Group 3)

Best class contributor

Colin McMillan (Group 1)

Evan Brander (Group 2)

Zoi Samonas (Group 3)

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