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The LALSS is proud to announce that we are hosting the second annual law student games,

The Golden Gavel!

Over the first half of winter term, students will be separated by their section groups into six teams (upper years will join 1Ls in their former 1L section groups). Teams will compete against each other in a series of challenges, earning points for their section. Only one team will be victorious and bring home the Golden Gavel!



Access your team chats via the golden-gavel-teams channel on the LASL Discord server here

  • 1Ls pick their current section group

  • 2Ls & 3Ls pick their section group from their first year

Points & Standings

Keep track of how your team is doing on the Points Leaderboard!


Current standings will be announced after each event!

The scoring system is available here!


There will be a total of eight events this year!

All will be held in person. 

Below is a summary of each event.

Important Dates

All events can be found on the main LALSS Events Calendar and will be announced on Discord!

All events will be held in person.

Event start date: Monday, January 23rd, 2023

Scavenger Hunt Opens: Jan 23 at 9am

Outline Donation Begins: Jan 23 at 9am

Follow-Spree: Jan 23 at 9am

Lincoln's Last Game: Jan 23 at 5pm (Sign up/Rules)

Trivia Night 1: Feb 1 at 6pm

Trivia Night 2: Feb 14 at 5pm

Duck Hunt Begins: Feb 13 @9am

Spirit Week Begins: Feb 13

Spirit Week Ends: Feb 16 at 4pm

Special Announcement: Feb 17

Winning Team Announced: Feb 17

We will be hosting Spirit Week to close out this years Golden Gavel!  There will be four days to participate in;


"SLEEP IN" DAY (Monday February 13) (Submit Photo Proof Here)

When you cant hit the snooze button anymore, why not come to school in your pyjamas or with a blanket?

What better way to take notes the with some warm comfy clothes?

(To earn points, you must show up is some form of "sleep attire" or bring a blanket to class.)

Valentines day / Groutfit Day (Tuesday February 14)  (Submit Photo Proof Here)

For the Lincoln Lovebirds, come to school dressed in your red, pink and white (or another "cupid-esque" aesthetic) to gain points for your section!

For anyone down on their luck in love, or just prefers singledom (Aromantics FTW), Come on down to protest in all grey! Who needs love when theres chocolate?

(To earn points for your team, come to school dressed in red, pink and white/different shades of grey.)

Sports Day (Wednesday February 15)(Submit Photo Proof Here)

For those who had the Fifa spirit, with no where to put it, take this chance to come down and support your favourite team, no matter what sport! 

For those of you who may not be into any sports (what is the point of football anyway?), feel free to come and support anyone you please! Musicians, tv shows, even a cinematic universe or two!

(To earn points for your team, come to school dressed in some form of fan merchandise for any sector; Music sports film or other.)

#LincolnProud Day (Thursday February 16) (Submit Photo Proof Here)

On the final day of Spirit Week and of the Golden Gavel, Lincoln Alexander Law Student Games, come on down to school to show support of the place we call home! Come down wearing any school colours or Lincoln Merch!

(To earn points for your team, come to school wearing official school colours or any school merch)

On Friday February 17, the LALSS will inform everyone who has won as well as a give our special announcement!

Follow the LALSS instagram to receive points for your section!

Submit a screenshot for proof though this form.

In this espionage themed game, you have to use your powers of stealth to capture your targets and win points for your section! 

This game opens on January 25, and if finished when only two people remain.

The official rules can be found here.

If you would like to participate, you may sign up here, by January 23 at 5PM.

Come test your knowledge on all things trivia! 

Teams will be formed based on sections and the points given will be based on correct answers, rather than placements!

To suggest topics for the trivia questions, fill out this form.

Donate Outlines to the LALSS database to earn points for your section!!!

You earn points for every outline that is accepted! and you will help future Lincoln students succeed in their studies.

To solve the riddles and win this hunt, you must use your mind to decipher the clues ahead!!

This game opens on January 23, and the first clue can be found here on that date.


The first clue will also be posted on discord, Instagram and around the school in posters.

Come one, come all, and show off your unique talents!!! All talents are welcome.

If you would like to participate, you can sign up here, before February 2.

Points will be given to the section that has the highest number of viewers.

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