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Established Organization Resources

To maintain Official Standing, Organizations have to meet some monthly and annual requirements. The resources listed below were designed to answer the most common questions about running an Organization.

Finance Resources

All finance resource documents are located here on the shared Google Drive.


All reimbursements must be entered by April 14. Contact for any issues.


Organization executives seeking reimbursement for approved expenses for Academic Year 2021-22 can  submit via this form.


Base Budget Proposals

We are no longer accepting proposals for the 2021-22 academic year.

Existing Student Organizations

Submit proposals via this form for your base budget. It should include your plans for the one mandated event that you are required to hold. Please provide as much detail as you can, your best estimates about costs, and any assumptions you've used to arrive at those estimates. 

  • Please note that this form should be submitted only once per organization - if you submit more than once, we will take the version with the later submission date and discard the other.

New Student Organizations

Due to the timing of the formation of new organizations, they are only granted conditional standing once their required documents and constitution are submitted (usually by the end of the fall term). As a result, a base budget is not available for new organizations in their first year. However, they may apply on an event-by-event basis under the Additional Funding category below.

Additional Funding

The deadline for additional funding requests is March 31.


If you are either: (A) a new organization, or (B) an existing organization with additional events or initiatives you would like to go ahead with that cannot be accommodated within your base budget, you may submit a proposal for each additional event or initiative using this form.

  • You may submit this form multiple times for each event, and each submission will be considered separately.​


Funding Details

  • Requirements for funding: Organizations must have official standing and have submitted all of their annually required documents to receive funding. Any direct funding requests made to administration will be redirected through the LSS.

  • Appropriate spending: Successful proposals will adhere to the guidelines set out in the Finance Guideline Document.

  • Approving body: The SFC is charged with reviewing and adjudicating all budget and additional funding proposals. Spending is only permitted once approval has been granted by the SFC.

  • For additional funding requests: Once your proposal is approved by the SFC, we will put forward the request for funding to the the Faculty of Law and inform you of the result.

  • Reimbursements: Submit all reimbursements here. All expenses are managed through Ryerson's financial system so external bank accounts are not necessary.

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